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How Imagination Inspires Change

The multistory buildings in the Hilltown (behind Ann Street) were brought down a few years ago, since then the site has been mostly empty with some rubble left over from the demolition. Recently the multis at the top of the Hilltown have also been brought down. Though the council has plans to start building in both sites at some point this year, the area has been part of people’s daily lives for a long time. We believe that an individual’s surroundings, the places someone sees and walks by on a daily basis, have an affect on their mood, self-image and mental health, which is why this project has started.

What Could Be Here is an attempt to re-imagine our physical surroundings through art. We are asking different people from the Coldside area or anywhere in Dundee to re-design what this empty space could look like, to draw and paint what they would rather see outside their window. There are a couple of examples in this blog and we will be updating it as new ones are made.This is not a council project – the point of it is to create art that exercises the use of imagination (as well as ownership and activism) on something most people would wish was not there. At the end we hope to make an exhibition with all the different perspectives.


We are having an open day at the building site behind Ann Street (which has been approved by the council) where we will give out materials for anyone to draw their own re-imagination of what the area could be like – schools, restaurants, hot air balloons, mini-golf course and/or anything you can imagine. You do not need to know how to draw at all, we’re just looking for folks who are willing to dream their surroundings out loud.

The open day is on Saturday the 17th of May from 1 to 4pm, at the building site behind Ann St. For more directions, click on the link:
This project is a collaboration between Diaosu and Signpost International and will be hosted by Emma White, Carrie Findlay and Sam Gonçalves. To get in touch just e-mail us on or call Sam on 07449 865859